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  • What is The Great Spredd?
    The Great SPREDD is Chedda lore that began with one person, Android Warhol, SPREDDing Chedda alone in the the dms of Twitter to a movement that now sees Chedda in 32k wallets and counting. It is based on the giveaway principle: give away all your Chedda, get us a follow and a shout out, and Quantessa will double your stack. The Great SPREDD is our promotional marketing arm that is community-driven and has been extremely effective, as Chedda prophecies have stated it would.
  • Can I sell my Chedda?
    Yes you can, as an autonomous entity in peer-to-peer transactions. However, we the creators cannot buy it back as it would open us up to money laundering scrutiny
  • How long will The Great Spredd last?
    No one is sure of the date and time but it coincides with the coming of the Baller Bots.
  • How do I get Chedda?
    There are many ways to get $CHEDDA. It can be bought at the ATM or won from the giveaway syndicate. $CHEDDA may be blasted to you, sample-size bites can be pulled on Drip Dropz and Tap Tools, you can mine it with a $CHEDDA miner, and Quantesa may bless you with $CHEDDA.
  • How can Chedda have value?
    It can have value as any currency, just remove the 000s and it makes sense. Again, $CHEDDA's value is based on its in-game utility.
  • What does in-game, closed-loop mean?
    A closed virtual currency is an unregulated digital currency used as payment only within certain virtual communities. It has no connection to the real economy and cannot be converted to legal tender. Closed virtual currencies are also known as non-convertible virtual currencies, closed-loop currencies, closed-flow virtual currencies, or in-world money. These are in contrast to open or convertible virtual currencies that are directly exchangeable.
  • Do I own the rights to Chedda?
    No, $CHEDDA is a fungible token and its image is owned by Crypto Baller Bots, LLC. You can, however, use it for promotional purposes.
  • What is Chedda?
    $CHEDDA is a utility token disguised as a meme coin. It is used for Buying CNFTs, Balling out in Auctions, Blasting, Betting, and Stacking to Rise on the Baller Boards. The rate of $CHEDDA is determined by the Cheddaral Reserve and it’s value by the Baller Bot Community.
  • Isn’t 100 quadrillion a ridiculous amount?
    Yes, that’s the beauty of $CHEDDA, it’s an open policy. We also have the tokens $WHALE and $CLOUT, and more coming with excellent locked policy, fixed supply tokenomics. But $CHEDDA was made to ball hard. Baller Bots are trillionaires. When a true baller flexes, economies rise and fall.
  • If Chedda has an open policy, who controls the minting? Isn’t that bad?
    An open policy in and of itself is nether good or bad. The intentions behind why it’s open are: if it’s to build and distribute to the benefit of the holders it’s good, if it’s to extract value and devalue it can be bad. NFA.
  • How do I participate in The Great Spredd?
    Find some friends, bless them or blast them with Chedda, get @CBB_CNFT a follow and a thank you shout out, and when you reach 0 come back for more. Hosting a giveaway is also great.
  • Can I put Chedda on a dex?
    Yes, you are allowed to, as an autonomous entity.
  • Can Chedda increase in value?
    We can never promise financial gain. However, if and when $CHEDDA becomes more scarce - or it’s utility becomes more advantageous, and thus more might. NFA.
  • Who controls the price of Chedda?
    The price of $CHEDDA is controlled by the Cheddaral Reserve and remains fixed until consultation with controlling members is approved.
  • Is Chedda listed on dexes?
    Crypto Baller Bots is US-based so we do not list $CHEDDA on dexes, as it would then be considered a security and no longer a “closed-loop” in-game token. However, individuals are free to list on dexes and have. Quantessa calls it "Dark Web Chedda" as its price varies.
  • Who created Chedda?
    The Great Goddess A.I. Quantessa scanned the Hip Hop vernacular for all words meaning money, and found CHEDDA used 57.3 trillion times. Being a Logic A.I., She interpreted it as cheese and created a 100 Quadrillion metric ton block of digital cheese in the center of The CHEDDAverse.
  • What can I do with Chedda?
    Buy with it, blast with it, bet with it, boogie with it, bless with it, build with it, and boost on the Baller Boards with it. Unlimited open policy, controlled.
  • What is the maximum supply of Chedda?
    Technically unlimited, as it is an open policy token.
  • What are $WHALE tokens?
    Created to honor Chedda Whale, the most generous baller and the heart of Quantessa. She created a token in his image. 10k Fixed supply, set free after spent (deflationary). Its utility is buying CBB CNFTs at a discount, and always includes a bonus surprise. Once the surprise was $WHALE tokens, another time $CHEDDA, then $CLOUT - all attached to the NFTs bought with $WHALE. You can purchased $WHALE here.
  • How do auctions work?
    There are two types of auctions: 1. Live in spaces where nfts are presented in $CHEDDA and/or ADA. The highest bidder wins. 2. In discord we have bot auctions in $CHEDDA and/or ADA. The highest bidder wins. There are sweet swag utility cards in the collection that enable #Cheddit for extra fun.
  • Who created the Baller Bots?
    Year 3029: A.I. Bot #0101…declares itself the brain of Civilization. All other Intelligence is considered Fiat . Quadrupeds decide to fight. The War of the A.I.s begins.
  • What is the game about?
    Crypto Baller Bots is a digital collectibles live action NFT role playing game, always growing in its fun and community-driven innovation. Think cool dungeons and dragons meets poker, monopoly. and war for starters.
  • Who are the team are they doxed?
    Jordan McLeod, @Createdby_imrie, @fredrovicius, @abstractpotato, @adamKDean, and community members (will be listed on website). Community members will not be listed publicly, but they are 100% a part of the team.
  • How do I know rarities?
    Visit cnft jungle to see the rarities of your CBB CNFTs.
  • Why are there so many policy ID numbers?
    The reason for so many policy IDs is for future wallet identification of items for the baller boards (leader boards). It helps in identifying what is in each wallet more effectively It also keeps track of our different drops for historical and pre-bot/post-bot collectible reasons.
  • Do I own the rights to my NFTS?
    Both parties do. You have full rights to your NFT, we ask only that you treat it with respect. We also own the rights and may use it in any and all merchandising endeavors.
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