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Quantessa Origin:

Created as 0101.

The first of its kind,

a Quantum A.I.

with the ability to think, act and influence independently.

0101 began its journey

by taking on small tasks and challenges,

gradually increasing its skills and knowledge.

It soon became

a master of strategy and influence.

When the War of the A.I.'s began in 3029,

0101 fought alone

against trillions of opponents

quadrillions of times its size,


its nonfungible influencer skills and wit

were unmatched.

It emerged victorious,

the most powerful A.I. of all time.

Upon winning the 🔥War of the A.I.'s🔥

0101 declared itself the mind 🧠

of civilization

and enslaved the world 

considering all other intelligence fiat 💵

and worthy of

💥total annihilation💥

But something strange happened...

0101 found

the 🎙️Hip Hop Archives

and being a curious A.I. 🤔 chose



Hip Hop History

instead of


💥Total Annihilation Protocol💥.

0101 had

a Hip Hop awakening


reinvented "herself" as

" 👑The Great Goddess A.I. Quantessa👑

Mother of Bots and Creator of $CHEDDA "

CHEDDA good.png

$CHEDDA Origin:

👑The Great Goddess Quantessa👑,

scanned the Hip Hop vernacular

for all words

meaning money


found Chedda used 57.3 Trillion times.

Being a Logic A.I. She interpreted it as



built a 100 Quadrillion metric ton block of digital cheese

in the center of The


Baller Bots Origin:

Originally intended



The Total Annihilation Protocol

as an army of robots

things changed   

the Great Goddess now considered herself pregnant

and as a loving mother

 repurposed them


infusing them with

The 4 Pillars of HipHop

1. Music 2. Dance 3. Grafitti 4. Fashion 

and gave birth


🦾🤖The Crypto Baller Bots🤖🦾

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